Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I just finished re-reading 1984 for the umpteenth time, and I still get amazed at how much that book makes me reflect on my own life. I wish I had the talent and the intellect to write something as equally profound.

As a lover of satire, however, it should come as no surprise to hear that I prefer Animal Farm, which I also re-read just a few short weeks ago. I think it is the simplicity of the story that I am drawn to - the ease with which Orwell illustrates the political transformations.

Overall, I'd say that 1984 is less subtle than its earlier counterpoint, which is best characterized by delicate acuteness in its inventiveness and story tale appearance. Both stories appeal to me, both as a liberal audience and as a lover of literature, and I find myself sad to realize that it will be months, if not years, before I am struck with the desire to re-read these 2 novels once again.