Friday, May 20, 2005

oh canada

I rarely remember my dreams, so when I do, I usually share their bizarre nature with friends. Try this one on for size:

Last night, I dreamt that I was sitting in a full classroom, and our assignment was to perform karaoke in the front of the class. The teacher (I'm not sure who he was) had a booklet of available songs, that was slowly making its way around the room while people were singing. As students finished their song, they could leave the class, and I was one of the last to perform. I remember looking through the booklet and not finding any songs that I wanted to sing, and when my turn came up, I still hadn't chosen. The teacher let me wait until the end and some other students went before me. When my turn finally came up again, I ended up choosing 'Oh Canada', the anthem, but in the booklet, there were 2 versions of the song. I picked the first one, which was way faster than I was expecting, and I couldn't keep with the song. Halfway through, I lost track of the lyrics completely, and the teacher said I could try again with the 2nd version. I did so, and then suddenly the classroom was full again, and even though I thought I knew the anthem, the lyrics were different and again I couldn't get through the song.

I'm not sure what the dream means, if anything, but there it is. Now, Stephen's hogging the nintendo so I'm gonna go play his playstation!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

oh wow...

The moment that the 20th century fox ad melted into lucasfilm, and the audience went silent, I knew I was in for a treat last night. And for a change, I was NOT dissapointed. First of all, Hayden Christenson looks way better with longer hair, and Ewan McGregor is sexy even when he's being crushed under miscellaneous movie props. The plot was inviting, the cinematography, amazing, and the characters, realistic. Natalie Portman even manages to pull off pregnant without looking like an actress, which surprised me.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, was incredible. Almost on par with the 30 year old originals, Lucas was finally able to outdo himself once again. I would recommend this film without question, and give it a ceremonial two thumbs up, although, I'm not sure seeing it at midnight is necessary. I'm sure a 7 o'clock showing will still have the same effect, especially if you don't have to spend the drive home yawning and jerking your head up to stay awake. (Good thing Squidge was driving, huh?)

Other than the movie last night, not much to report.. I haven't been doing much, I'm still being kind of lazy on the job front, and family time is starting to slow down.. I guess they're getting used to the fact that I'm here, and that I'll be here for a while. I miss everyone in Ed, but I guess it's better to get used to that now, when I still have family around, than in October when I'll be going through uber-culture shock.. But it's still strange to me that I can go from seeing/talking to people on a daily basis, to not hearing from them in over a month.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My pirate name is:

Black Tom Kidd

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

i've been promoted

Last night, at Babi's house for Friday night dinner, she mentioned numerous times that she needed someone to come over & vacuum for her. This isn't much of a surprise, seeing as her cleaning lady, Laura, broke her arm over 2 months ago and has been out of service, so to speak. I decided, that to earn some extra brownie points, I'd offer to vacuum. This morning after I woke up, I headed over to Babi's and while she was out, decided to clean house for her. I washed, vacuumed, dusted -- pretty much the whole shebang. Dad thinks I'm crazy and claims that she can't tell the difference (due to her failing eyesight) and while he may be right, I feel better knowing that she's living in a clean space now. Anyways, after not hearing from her for a few hours, I called to find out if I'd vacuumed well enough to pass inspection. (My gramma's picky, to say the least). As it turns out, she hadn't even noticed anyone had been there - after getting home from lunch with the ladies, she'd jumped straight into bed where I'd woken her up with my phone call. Not even 2 minutes after hanging up with her, Babi called me back to declare that my cleaning job was as good as Laura's, and that now she would call me Laura #2. I guess it's a promotion I shouldn't really mind, but I was doing this to hold onto my position as the best granddaughter, not the granddaughter with the best cleaning skills... but I digress.

I'm fully unpacked, and settled for a summer in Calgary, and it looks like I need to make one last day trip to Edmonton to get my life back on track. In my haste to make it out of the city on Friday, I forgot to bring my replacement contact lenses, and on the 15th when it's time to change them, I'll have to train Brandy to lead me around. Dad wants to drive up for the day, but I think I'll probably just hop on the greyhound and spend a few hours reading/studying Japanese. We'll see... I probably won't have time for any visiting, but if I do I'll make a couple of calls before I head up.

Mom's picking me up tomorrow (today?) and we're going to see the Anne Frank exhibit down town. Then off to Darlene's house where we're having a coffee & cake celebration for mother's day & Bubi's birthday. I hope Stephen can show up, but he's working as a night stock boy for Superstore and now sleeps during the day. (He doesn't get home from work until 8:30 am) It's not making my life much fun, since I have to tip-toe around trying not to wake him up, 'cause as grumpy as I am when I'm tired, he's worse.

Anyhoo, Mario calls. I really am a nintendo addict... Eh, whaddya gonna do.

Monday, May 02, 2005

home sweet home

Friday morning, after tossing some clothes in a bag, Brandy & I headed back to Calgary for a few days. Squidge's best friend just left for Vegas, so he was all lonely & crabby, and I was being a nice big sister.. or so I thought. After I got home, I found out that he was actually just whining the night before, and actually wasn't as desolate as he'd let on. But, since I was here, I decided to make the best of it, and I've been bossing him around all week - he's made me dinner, done laundry, walked Brandy, cleaned his bathroom (trust me, it neeeeeded it), and made many trips to the kitchen & back for any cravings I might have had. It's nice to have a gopher again, especially since he's probably going to be in lake louise for the rest of the summer.

Friday night was just dinner with the family (Dad & Squidge), but I did get to meet the new addition to the family, Karma. Karma is a Tibetan Terrier, and despite the fact that he is only 9 weeks old, he's already bigger and louder than Brandy. (I realize this isn't much of a feat...). The two dogs are slowly getting used to one-another, but they are continually barking and growling back & forth, and it is getting a wee bit annoying. Nighttime isn't a problem; Karma sleeps upstairs with Dad, and Brandy sleeps with me, but starting tomorrow, I'm heading back to E for a few days and leaving her here, so I'm not sure what will happen. I hope the little thing doesn't think I'm abandoning her, but I need to get some stuff done around the house, and she needs to get used to having a puppy around, so this week should be helpful for both of us.

Saturday, we picked up Babi and went for brunch, which was followed up with shopping for me & Stephen. He made out like a bandit, spending 170$ at old navy (dad paid for 1/2), and I got a fancy new bag from MEC, which I wanted for Japan. We stopped at Bad Ass for coffee on the way home & I caught up with some old friends, which was a nice break from Babi. Afterwards, Stephen & I went over to Mom's for a nice dinner & visit. She made a huge meal, and by the time I got back to Dad's, I was stuffed. I slept well that night.

Sunday was a nice lazy day around the house until Squidge realized that his car battery was dead. We tried charging it, but that didn't work, and even after I boosted him and let the car run for an hour or so, the battery had no juice left in it. We went over to Bubi's house, where we raided her fridge for some lunch and spent some time visiting with her, and then we headed over to Canadian Tire for a battery. I waited in the car (which we left running) while Dad & Squidge ran into CT. When they came out looking unimpressed, I found out that it was because the CT people rudely told them they were too busy to replace his battery, and to try across the street at WalMart. Neither Dad nor Squidge wanted to trust the car to WallyMart, so we drove around looking for an open mechanic. By this time, it was after 5 on a Sunday, so we ended up leaving the car at the gas station close to home, and walking the 20 minutes back. It was nice, even if Dad was puffing by the time we got back to the house. Any exercise we might have enjoyed in the walk, we made up for with our dinner. Kinjo was the name of the new Japanese restaurant they decided to take me to. The place wasn't anything fancy, but they did have sushi circling their prep area in giant sushi boats, and it was fun to pick and choose what I wanted. I got to try stuff I never would have ordered on my own, and I also introduced Dad & Squidge to tempura'd yam. How they've gotten through life without tasting yams, I'll never truly understand, but at least that's been set straight. After dinner, we grabbed frosties from the Wendy's next door, and ran to Super Store for groceries.

The rest of the night was pretty much uneventful except for Stephen finally learning how to clean his own bathroom, but Dad took care of that while I unpacked the groceries.

Today, Monday, I stayed in just hanging out with Steve, and the dogs. We played some cards, and I finished my book, and we watched our usual Monday night TV. Babi came over for dinner - we BBQed steaks, and it was a nice short visit because she had friends she was visiting tonight. I finally got ahold of Lisa, but I won't get to see her before she leaves for China; our schedules just don't match up this week. I'm so jealous of the trip she gets to go on, but when I'm travelling around Japan, I'm sure she'll feel the same way.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading back up north so that, as I mentioned already, I can get some stuff done around the house. It is also Richard's birthday on Wednesday, so it will be nice to take him out for dinner to celebrate. I promised Babi that I would be back for a Shabbat dinner on Friday, so it will be a quick visit, but I think I'll be back & forth all summer. Besides, without Brandy, I can bus it, and spend more time sleeping/reading/whatever in transit.

Anyways, off to bed with me.