Saturday, April 30, 2005

' where have i been? ' you might ask...

So much to catch up on.. and where to start -- I'll go with the cliche and go with the beginning.

My last post was on Monday, and it wasn't a very exciting one either. That's because Dad was having some trouble opening that jpeg on his PC and I thought it might be easier for him to save it off my website, so, anyways, that's the new logo for Dad's coffee shop. Bad Ass Coffee is no more, and while I'll remember all the good times I had working there, I think the new name lends itself to the atmosphere they want to create, so I wish Dad & the coffee clerks all the best, and I'll leave it at that.

The weekend with Patrice didn't go as well as expected.. It was really nice to see her again & get the opportunity to spend time together before she moved back home, but I'm not sure the weekend came at the best time for me. My stress level was already high with my poetry essay, and I wasn't expecting her, so that added to the frustration level. We had some fun catching up, but I was happy to see her go, if for no reason other than I could get started on the paper. I finished it on Thursday a few hours before I had to hand it in.. I'm not extremely happy with it, but I feel like I did a fairly decent job, and to be honest, I just couldn't care about it anymore. This last semester has really taken its toll on my energy levels, and I'm so glad it's over - I can finally catch up on sleep now too!

After dropping off the essay, I ran into Febe and headed over to her office to see my final paper. She gave me a 93% (which I was pretty happy about) and went over where she thought I could have improved the essay. I wasn't expecting more than an 80 on it, so woohoo.

I met up with Brad and found out I got an 89% on the late essay I mentioned earlier. Also, in regards to the note I attached to it, he told me after-the-fact, that it got a laugh out of him, and he's contemplating photocopying the title page & note for his class next year. It's nice to know I'll leave my mark even if I am in a different continent next year.

Thursday night, after cornering my profs in their offices, Lora, Yumi, Julie, Myself & Yukari-sensei headed over to Whyte for some shopping. We each ended up with something new, ranging from books to shoes to purses, and we enjoyed a nice dinner at Chili's & desert at Block 1912. Yumi had a GIANT piece of cake, and I enjoyed the apple crumbles w/ice cream. I think I could live on ice cream - I'm sure I've said so before, but it really does make everything okay. After our shopping expedition, Lora gave everyone a ride home (she's so nice), although the evening did end on a slightly bizarre note... in front of my bldg, I had opened the car door and was in the process of stepping out while we were making plans to get together after my trip home. I guess a car was pulling up behind us, so Lora started pulling forward, dragging my foot across the pavement in the process. It was actually more scary than anything, I thought my leg was going to be ripped off, but I was fine. It will be a story to laugh about one day, but I might think twice now about getting in (or rather, out of) Lora's car.

Friday morning, after a quick visit to the U, I drove in to Calgary (where I am now).

Lots more to tell, but its late and I'm tired, so off to bed with me, and I'll update the rest tomorrow.

JwotD: chiba -- this is the name of the city where I will be next year, and EVERYONE keeps asking me now that I'm home.

Monday, April 25, 2005

what type of business does this make you think of?

cafe au lei Posted by Hello

i stole these pictures off mariko-chan's journal

(thanks babe)

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

the saga continues

Actually, there's no saga. My life is pleasantly mundane and I like it that way. It occurred to me during my tv-stoned evening that I was perfectly content staying in on a Friday night to catch up on tv & quality time with Brandy. She really is adorable with her hair cut, and I'm not just saying that; her whole personality changes back to the way she was as a puppy- jumping around, willing to play, climbing on the furniture. It makes me feel nostalgic, among other things.

So personal update.. where to start.. Crystal's stalker has gotten worse and so she's had to password protect her blog. Talk about creepy, it must be bad enough sitting through classes with the guy, but he was interfering in her personal venting space too? Some people have no tact. Speaking of tactlessness, I realize I'm not the best person to talk when it comes to body language, etc, but how many ways can you say ''I'm not interested'' without saying I'm not interested? I did the no eye-contact thing, the dazed I'm not really listening thing, then I hinted at how much work this person needed to be doing, I managed to check my watch at least every 2 minutes.. and as if all of this isn't enough, I've been avoiding this person for the past 2 weeks via blocking on MSN and staying out of my usual study areas.

*vent status: complete*

Squidge might be getting a summer job at the Chateau *woohoo, free place to visit*, which would rock 'cause then he'd finally be out of the house. Dad's going through his usual stress, and I feel for him having to work in close quarters with so many family members. Its passover this weekend, and both sides of the family are having seder dinners that I (like usual) abstained from attending. It's very convenient that they always seem to fall during the exam period, and I really did have my Japanese exam this morning to stress me out all week, and my poetry essay due next Friday to stay and work on. Both Bubi's seem to understand, but I still feel like maybe I let them down sometimes. I suppose that's my own martyr complex acting up though.

Patrice will be in tomorrow (today?) morning, and she'll be here until Tuesday the 26th. I can't wait to spend time with her again, since I've barely seen her since last April, but I am worried that my paper might suffer for it. I'm going to get as much of it planned out tonight as I can.

How do you write an essay on poetry anyways? Ugh.

I cleaned up the balcony today. It took me over an hour because I was being so careful not to cut myself with all the tiny glass fragments. I did the best I could to pick them all up, but eventually I had to sweep the remaining pieces off.. I hope I didn't kill anyone walking by. [[For those of you out of the loop, during a winter storm, the outside balcony door was ripped out of its tracks and smashed againt my patio table. It has been so cold and yucky out there, that despite the resulting draft I had to deal with all winter, I decided to leave it for warmer weather, i.e. today]] It was nice to be outside without shivering, but I did a real number on my back. Maybe P will give me a quick massage, although 2 in one week might be too much to hope for.

I wish I had something more exciting to share, but like I stated above: I'm pretty content being boring.

JWotD: 魔女(まじょ)= witch
(I leave it up to you to guess which teacher inspired this one)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

the cutest puppy ever

I have a final exam in Japanese in 9 hours, but sharing this news was too good to resist: Patrice is coming to visit!!

She hinted in her email but I'm pretty sure she meant it this time. And I'll finally be finished exams and I might get to spend time with her. Woo-hoo.

And I took Brandy for a haircut today, and got her shaved down so that she'll be comfortable for the summer. The groomers put cute little bows on her ears and she looks absolutely adorable: I bet she's even the cutest puppy in the whole building.

I gotta grab some shut eye, but I'll catch up one of these days.. I have so much to tell!

Japanese word of the day: 関係(かんけい) relationship

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

i finally got to wear sandals this year

I can't help wondering if my obsession with my friends' blogs is from a simple curiousity or some strange form of voyeurism, but I find myself checking them numerous times throughoutthe day for updates. Why is it that they have such interesting lives and I'm stuck at home studying for finals?

Current music: Footloose soundtrack

I finished my essay last night (this morning?) at around 4 am.. It's not a paper that I'm very proud of, but there came a point where the words started to blur together, and I couldn't spend any more time editing it. I set my alarm for 9-ish and crashed. Unfortunately, when the buzzer went this morning, I couldn't even open my eyes, and ended up sleeping until Richard called around 11. I got the paper to school by 11:30, but Brad wasn't in his office and all I could do was leave it in his late box. Talk about a mood killer, I spent 10 minutes trying to find someone in the E.A. department that could console me for getting the thing in late, but there was no one around, strangely enough. Lora's desk was full of miscellaneous notes, so I left one of my own for her, and wrote one to Brad.

I tried to get out of being docked late marks by suggesting that my lateness was because I was trying to arrive when I would catch him in. I *do* have his novel & video, after all, and I wanted to return them in person. It's true, it's just not necessarily the reason I was late. (~oops~)

Anyways, I dropped off about 10 lbs worth of library books and then sauntered over to the cup to meet Richard. Lunch was fun, hearing all the latest cup gossip, and Richard's love life woes. It was nice to take a break from exam stress, even if it meant spending $$ I can't really afford right now.


Japanese Word of the Day: 落書き「らくがき」  graffiti

Monday, April 18, 2005

I guess I'm not the only one that needs to get their ass in gear.

my dog's an asthmatic

No, I'm serious - she is. I decided I needed a chocolate fix today, mainly because I need a chocolate fix every day, and since I wouldn't be on campus for a change, I needed to head over to the Mac's.

Brandy looked at me kind of strangely when I grabbed her leash, as normally I keep her walk to around the block and don't bother with it. But in preparation to cross any busy streets, I decided it might be better to keep her reigned in. Now, the Mac's is only 3 streets away, which is really not that far. I walk it every day to and from the train station, and don't think much of it, but I guess the distance matched with the excitement for Brandy were just too much. Before we even made it there, she was wiped out on the sidewalk breathing so hard I thought she might pass out. Those of you who've met her know that she must spend half her life hyperventilating, but the panting reached a new level: try to imagine a half pant, half snort, and then mix in a little icky mucus stuff in her throat, and you might be able to imagine what she sounded like. I ended up carrying her the whole way home (chocolate bar in hand) and everyone we passed thought it was just adorable, or so they said.

Aww, the little guy's tuckered out from all that running.
Uhh.. yeah.. running. That's it.

Taking the little one out for a walk, are we?
Yep, I decided hand weights were too expensive and I'd just carry her around instead.

Bah! Anyways, I have to get back to my essay... I have managed to develop the outline into over 1000 words, but haven't written any complete paragraphs yet. Good thing we got an extention, although I'm still not sure how I'll have it handed in by tomorrow morning at 10!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

a blast from the past

I decided to start up a new blog; mainly because my last one was boring and I was annoyed with the limitations of live journal's free accounts. Also, I am supposed to be writing my JPN 322 Lit paper, and procrastination *is* my middle name.

I got an email yesterday from a friend I haven't seen or heard from in over 5 years. It was so surreal to see her name in the subject line, and then to find out that she's getting married this summer! I hope I make it back to Calgary before she leaves for the summer (April 30th) but if not, at least we can catch up over email. I need to get back into practice before Japan anyways. Jen was one of those people in high school that always kept me laughing. I remember this one time, when we met up in the cafeteria for lunch and she was pilling up a handful of vegetables instead of the usual burger & fries combo. We asked her what was up, and she informed us that in Biology class, her prof had explained that increased intake of vegetables would help to prevent prostate cancer. (heh heh) Jen, I hope that prostrate is treating you well!